Bucket List

I have been thinking about this a lot recently. I keep track of my “dreams” in my head and very occasionally think to jot one or two down, but I thought I needed to finally start a list. This is will grow, a lot undoubtedly, and I maybe even remove one or two if I change my mind. But for the most part this is just a way to force myself to think seriously of the things I want to accomplish. So in no order at all, my brain doesn’t always work methodically, here is my current bucket list. I have included some of the things I have accomplished… this just makes me feel better… don’t judge me.

Hot air balloon ride with my love

Backpack through the Nepali Coast line in Kauai

See the lantern festival in Thailand

Go on safari

Swim in every ocean (or put my feet in at least, deadly afraid of sharks)

Back Pack through Europe

Work for/start a non profit

Visit New York at Christmas

Become fluent in sign language

Hold a lion cub

Visit all 50 US states

Live in a different country

Holiday in the Greek islands

Visit the Holy Land

Spend a day in Paris

Learn to cook

Visit the Taj Mahal done twice 😉

Ride an elephant

Learn French fluently

Visit Iceland’s Blue Lagoon Spa

Own a coffee shop

Get a degree



Well I think this is it for now…


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